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Account Based Marketing Agency 

360 Media is a leading account based marketing agency.
Our experienced team of expert-level B2B ABM marketers can help build or scale your ABM program from strategy to execution. 

ABM is the top marketing priority amongst B2B companies. We help you gain a significant advantage over competitors in how you attract, retain and grow your account base. We provide ABM Strategy, end-to-end ABM-as-a-Service (our fully managed service), ABM Consulting, ABM Workshops and advanced ABM Measurement. We know ABM and we are here to help you succeed!


ABM 5-Step Framework

Our 5-Step ABM framework is the key to how we achieve success for our ABM clients from start-ups to large global enterprises. This proven framework will build or align your ABM program the right way and help you achieve the highest ROI of any form of marketing. 


ABM Strategy & Foundation


360 will develop an ABM strategy & framework to guide your ABM execution aligned to your goals and objectives sales and marketing, data utilization, ABM KPIs, funnel stages and account tiering with campaign-stage trigger activations.


ICP Modeling


Development of advanced ICP models with sales and marketing for tiered accounts by initiative, region or objective. Utilize 360CP for ongoing ICP tier selections, intent data, propensity analysis.


Data, Martech
& ABM Platforms


We evaluate your data sources, introduce new account insights, data inputs and intent scoring across the funnel. Utilize current mar-tech stack integrations and new tools including ABM platforms like Terminus, Demandbase or 6Sense.


ABM Content & Campaigns 


We create your content matrix and run ABM campaigns aligned to your objectives and tiered ICPs with personalization. Management of campaigns across social media, search, video, 3rd party, ABM display aligned to account tiers and funnel stages. 


ABM Measurement


Advanced ABM analytics and insights to optimize & scale to an advanced state of ABM. Account, content, campaign, tactic and sales measurements with weekly reporting.

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ABM Strategy & Consulting

Our account based marketing agency is lead by expert-level ABM professionals who have successfully implemented and lead ABM at global enterprises, startups and B2B SaaS unicorns. We work with B2B companies to guide their marketers on how to effectively build a successful account-based marketing program, scale or simply improve upon their current ABM efforts. 

  • Introduction to ABM Workshop

  • Organizational assessment

  • ABM Maturity Models

  • Account-based marketing strategy

  • Martech Stack review and recommendations (CRM, CDP, Marketing Automation, Analytics)

  • Account Data Quality Assessment and data workflows. 

  • ABM Platform implementation, training and management (Terminus, Demandbase, 6Sense)

  • Content Strategy (Research, Relevant and Personalization)

  • ABM Measurement & Dashboard Development


We get it, ABM is not easy! Don't worry, many marketers who are new to ABM are unsure where to start or how to build a successful ABM program. Our ABMaaS provides you with our team to do it all from building the program, implementing your tech, managing your ICPs, running your campaigns and reporting back to management.


B2B companies are aware that ABM will drive higher ROI but are limited in not having in-house ABM expertise or the resources to execute it successfully. In fact, nearly 50% of ABM marketers are not achieving the success they wanted within their first couple of years running ABM. This is where we can help by becoming an extension of your team.

Includes all or some of the following services as needed:

  • ABM strategy & plan

  • Marketing & Sales: Alignment of goals & objective

  • 360CP™ - Ideal Customer Profiles and ABM tiered list development and management

  • Account research: buying committees, trends, pain points

  • ABM Journey mapping

  • ABM content and creative development 

  • ABM Campaign ideation and execution (display, social media, search, CTV, direct, outreach, podcast and organic) 

  • Measurement, Reporting & ABM Dashboards

Successful team at work. Group of young business people working and communicating together
ABM Workshops

ABM Workshops

Get your team trained and aligned on ABM. You can get started with our four ABM workshops or we can develop customized workshops to fit your organization's needs. 

4-Part ABM Workshops:

  1. Introduction to ABM 
    Learn what ABM is, how it works, and how it can benefit your entire organization. This workshop is ideal for organizations new to ABM and should include marketing, sales, support and management. We explore selecting ICPs, ABM goals and objectives, creating customized content,  building effective campaigns and what are true ABM KPIs to measure success.


  2. Ideal Customer Profile Analysis & Selection Modeling
    Determining the right list of ICPs can make or break your ABM efforts. We provide in-depth analysis of the ICP selection process, with our proprietary 360CP™ modeling. We start with a reverse ICP model to highlight your true ICPs, explore data sources and weigh intent signals leading to a custom ICP model. We show you how to create effective list reviews and ongoing ICP management with input from both sales and marketing.


  3. Developing Effective ABM Content 
    Creating the right content for the right audience at the right time. Heard it before right? But, in ABM it is important to personalize across your tiers and create a flexible content approach that can work across the customer journey. We show you how to program content triggers, develop a content matrix and continue to create effective messaging to attract, engage or retain your customers across various channels. 


  4. Building an ABM Model
    This workshop puts it all together to create an effective ABM model utilizing your martech stack, targeting your ICPs (from 1:Many, 1:Few to 1:1) at the each stage from ABM Demand Generation to Consideration to Decision. We develop an ABM data flow and campaign process triggering marketing and sales through an account-centric approach. 


ABM Webinars

Watch 360 Media's Rich Rodgers discuss account-based marketing at the Forrester B2B Summit on behalf of Demandbase.

ABM is a fundamental change to your B2B marketing. 
It will reshape the way your marketing, sales and support teams think of accounts and how to attract, engage, grow and retain them.

- Richard Rodgers 

Founder, 360 Media

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